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Imagine this: You are able to produce the majority of your digital trainings yourself. Everyone in your organization can create high-quality learning content – without any prior knowledge. Sounds too good to be true? Nope, all this and much more is possible: with the new AI-powered authoring tool “knowtion”.

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Benefits at a glance

Efficient, high-quality content production – without prior knowledge

AI-assisted didactic support integrated directly into the tool

Automatic pre-structuring of learning content

Numerous templates

Create high-quality learning content without prior knowledge

It’s easy to create digital training courses with knowtion. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the content is of high quality. That’s why knowtion goes one step further: The tool guides authors through the process of creating learning content step-by-step and ensures that everyone in the company can create didactically valuable content.

Step-by-step to the right structure

Before you can start creating content, you need a didactically meaningful training structure. This is easy with knowtion: The tool supports you in defining your target group and their level of prior knowledge. You also define the learning objectives in this step – knowtion guides you through the process, so that even people with no previous knowledge of e-learning can develop meaningful learning objectives in no time at all. And then the knowtion AI kicks in – the result: a training structure that perfectly matches your objectives.

AI-powered didactic support

knowtion offers you customized support in every step of content creation, depending on your topic, your target group and your learning objectives. Want an example? You are working on a sales training, your target group has only little prior knowledge and needs to believe in the product – knowtion provides you with suitable tips, e.g. on how to create a convincing introduction with storytelling or on appropriate interactions – so that you can inspire your learners. In addition, knowtion offers you context-sensitive support. Here is an example: If you are writing a quiz question, you will get tips on what makes a good question. If you are in the process of planning the content for a page, knowtion will give you input on how to structure the content correctly. No matter what you are doing in the tool: knowtion will show you the tips you need – right there in the tool, at your moment of need.

Knowledge base with over 300 tips

Whether you are new to e-learning or an e-learning professional, the searchable database offers hundreds of practical tips in the form of video lessons and articles on almost every topic related to the production of digital learning content. The lessons are based on our over 15 years of experience in producing e-learning content.

Templates for a wide range of topics

Numerous templates make it easy for you to get started and create a foundation for your content. Choose the one that suits your project from a range of templates for different training topics: From compliance to workplace safety, from sales training and product training to technical training and leadership skills. knowtion will suggest a suitable training structure and prefilled templates depending on your topic of choice. The templates contain content (e.g. text or videos) for the respective training topic, which you can use as is or adapt to your needs.

AI-generated learning objectives and smart didactic chatbot

Generative AI allows you to generate learning objectives that fit your topic and are clearly phrased. You can generate learning objectives from a vast amount of text with just one simple click. Use the magic of AI trained by professionals for this decisive step in training development and reduce the effort by up to 90%! During the development of your training, the smart knowtion chatbot is your sparring partner, answers all your questions and provides ideas and impulses for the content design on request – content creation has never been so easy!

EU data protection compliance:
The security of your data is our top priority

We leverage Azure OpenAI to provide our customers with a more secure and scalable AI platform. This not only ensures higher AI performance, but also complies with the strictest EU data protection standards by storing data on servers in the European Union.

Use Cases

The intuitive usability and the guided mode in knowtion enable you to create high-quality e-learning content very quickly. Here are two real-life examples.

User-generated e-learning content

Content creation with knowtion takes place exactly where the knowledge is: within the departments. This means that content production can be easily shared among several people. The KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse shows what other benefits user-generated content can offer.

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Content creation even by non-professionals

knowtion also enables people with no previous e-learning experience to create high-quality learning content. Even beginners in authoring tools can create a lot of training content with only minimal training – as the baumann group shows.

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knowtion is an award-winning tool

This is how your knowtion training can look like

knowtion contains a variety of slide layouts that you can use to design your training according to your own preferences. Here are some examples of what your next training could look like:

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Create a training in five steps

Personal setting
Project creation
Guided setup
Content creation

First, let knowtion know your level of content creation (are you a beginner or have you created content before?). This will ensure that you get tailored tips in all the subsequent steps. You can also define your individual design preferences so that the training fits your organisation’s CI.

Define the navigation structure and determine how many chapters you want to include in your e-learning course and whether you want to include interactions and/or a final test.

This is where you define the basics that are essential for a didactically valuable training: This includes defining, for example, the topic, the target group and the learning objectives. The knowtion AI then ensures that your content is structured in a didactically meaningful way.

Now it’s time to create the learning content. Prepare your content, select the appropriate media, write texts, add interactions and quizzes – knowtion provides you with context-sensitive, AI-powered didactic support here as well.

Last but not least, the content has to get to your learners. knowtion offers a variety of options for this: from a SCORM export, to importing the training into your LMS, from link sharing towebsite embedding or installation on your server. And – if you use the youknow LMS- you can publish content directly from knowtion with just one click.

„I'm convinced that Guided Content Creation is the right approach: bringing content creation to where the knowledge is located - to the departments. This has the huge advantage that we can produce content much faster and spread the content creation load evenly.“

Ralf Guido Scholz, Expert for Digital Learning, KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse

„We believe that everyone in the organization should be able to produce content. But in order to achieve this, you have to guide them, support them and help them to improve. Then the chance of producing great learning content is great. That's why we are excited about the idea of Guided Content Creation and think it is a game-changing innovation.“

Robert Götz, Managing Director ppa. & Partner, Commax Consulting

„The didactic support in the tool is exactly what we need. The guided mode is pretty cool and I always use it as my default setting.“

Babette Winkel, Product Management, K2 Systems

„We are pushing digital learning in our company, which is a challenge considering our small team. An authoring tool that supports us and thus increases our speed can really help us, because we simply don't have the time to learn and handle a complex tool. Our goal with the new authoring tool is to be less dependent on external agencies and to be able to distribute content creation tasks more easily within the team. But we don't want to sacrifice quality in the process.“

Alexander Wengerowski, Head of baumann academy, baumann group

„Skincare is a very specific subject. It requires a lot of up-to-date knowledge about the products, the latest ingredients, how to use them, etc. That's why it's very important for us to be able to create and adapt the training courses ourselves. This can only be done inclose collaboration with experts, such as cosmetologists, who know the subject very well. In some cases the didactic knowledge is already there but that's usually more applicable to face-to-face training. You can't always transfer this 1:1 to digital learning. That's why the guided content creation approach is so valuable for us.“

Julian Kantus, Manager E-Learning Dr. Babor GmbH & Co. KG

„Our biggest challenge at NETZSCH is to store the knowledge of our employees and make it accessible. An important element of our knowledge management is to enable everyone to present their expertise quickly and easily as digital and attractive learning content themselves. knowtion promises to do just that. In the future, we want to share the effort of content production evenly so that everyone at NETZSCH benefits. Proven excellence - proven knowlegde.“

Stephanie Sänger, HR Specialist Learning, NETZSCH Group


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