animade brings your story to life

Storytelling inspires

Your target group doesn’t know much about your topic and you’d like to arouse curiosity? You’d like to promote acceptance and eliminate potential prejudices? You want to reach hearts as well as minds? Then the animade explanatory video is the perfect choice: We use the power of storytelling to generate empathy and anchor your topic firmly in your target group’s life experience, So that your message stays fresh in people’s long-term memories.

What story should your animade explanatory video tell?

We will gladly advise you

The animade style

Sympathetic characters and lively sceneries: the perfect mix for making your stories concise and entertaining.

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animade: Options


Our animated explanatory video that tells stories.

Intricate animated figures and realistic scenarios
Ideal to stir emotions, create acceptance and make your topics inspirational
35 working days – that’s a promise!

Countless options: Our additional packages

3D animations, motion capture, different language versions or an even shorter production time – our additional packages leave nothing to be desired. Just click your way through and configure your animade. We’re happy to help.

Extra minute

The idiom says: Short and sweet. But sometimes a topic is so complex and intricate that even we are unable to explain it in one minute. Then you can simply book additional minutes.

Sprint - 10 days

Sometimes it’s like Christmas: The trade show, presentation or product launch is upon you before you know it. No worries – we can activate sprint mode. We reduce the production time without compromising on quality – and 20 working days after the briefing you can go out there and shine with your explanatory video.


Get your target group actively involved: Supplement your explanatory video with interactions such as quizzes, learning sequences or gamification elements – up the fun and get your target group actively involved.

Star narrators

James Bond, Forrest Gump or Indiana Jones – how about giving your explanatory video the voice of one of these characters? Rely on image transfer to attract more attention.

Screen recording

With our screen-recording package we can do a one-to-one representation of your website and software applications in the explanatory video and give clear instructions.

3D scene

3D lends your explanatory video depth, simplifies complex technical concepts and encourages your target group to immerse themselves in your topic.


Subtitles mean comprehension without sound. This can be useful for trade shows or social media. We will gladly put subtitles in your explanatory video – in almost any language.

Key messages

The key messages highlight the most important content as text in the picture so you can also use your explanatory video without sound. Perfect for social media! We will gladly place key messages in your explanatory video – in almost any language.

Language adapted to EU

English, French, Italian, Spanish or Dutch. Use your explanatory video on the international stage. All our translators and narrators are native speakers and rank among the best of the best in their home countries.

Language adapted to Rest of World

While there are 6,912 different languages in the world, to date there is none that our professional native speakers have been unable to deal with – Russian, Chinese, Pashto or even an exotic dialect? No problem. Explain your topic to your customers or partners around the world.

Motion capture

Hollywood for your explanatory film! With Motion Capturing we transfer movements from real people to figures in our videos. Dancing? Beat wheels? No problem!

Only 35 days until you get your animade – that’s a promise!

The project roll out: How your explanatory video is produced.

Speaker’s text

Before things get rolling, you will certainly have a few questions or requests – and we have to understand your goal. That’s why your consultant will be there from the word go – to listen and ask questions. And advise you throughout the whole process.

The briefing is all about your topic. Two conceptions specialists discuss your explanatory video with you, either over the phone, or face-to-face, and point out what’s important: Your goal. Your target group. What change you wish to bring about. After all, when it comes to your topic, you are the expert – we have an outsider’s perspective and are experts in identifying the essence of a topic and conveying all the information with the requisite didactic tools to make it simple and understandable. The briefing is the ideal basis for a successful production.

Starting right now, we see the world from the perspective of your target group: What is really necessary to understand a topic? And how can we pack it all into a story that really reaches your target group? Our conception specialists will burn the midnight oil until they have a snappy storyline – with a speaker’s text that perfectly encapsulates your topic.

When you have the storyboard in your hands, you’ll be in the know: you will see exactly what your explanatory video will look like. The storyboard shows you the illustrations we will use later in the explanatory video. A powerful and easy-to-understand picture language ensures that the images are fixed in your target group’s minds: this reinforces comprehension.

Animation, cut, sound design – in the final step, our motion designers bring your topic to life: The storyboard becomes an animated explanatory video with sound that enthralls and inspires.

This is how E-Control uses Storytelling in explainer videos.

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