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Many can make videos, but not everyone can explain.

People watch a film – but they trust an explanation. That’s why our explanatory videos are far more than mere films. They enlighten, create clarity, persuade and inspire – with the very best explanation charged with youknow experts’ know-how and passion.

Drawing on our experience gained from over 8,000 projects, we condense your topic down to the essentials – for each and every target group.

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Our explainer videos will inspire your target group

Complex topics become clear

Videos make microscopic processes visible, abstract topics real and complex processes understandable. No medium explains a topic as tangibly as a video!

Stories are memorable

Videos are a great way to tell a story. Stories evoke emotions and are internalized more effectively than plain facts. And the fact is, their recall rate is better. What’s more, they are fun and increase people’s ability to retain information.

Pictures speak louder than words

Explanatory videos are the most popular learning medium: People find it far easier to relate to video content than pure text.

Our explainer video products

Cutouts, individually animated or in your unique corporate design


Our classic cutout that encapsulates the essentials.

Hand made with affection
Maximum learning effect achieved through a picture language that encapsulates the essentials


Our animated explanatory film, that makes abstract concepts tangible

Clear, modern, flat style
Ideal for explaining processes, procedures and workflows


Our animated explanatory video that tells stories.

Intricate animated figures and realistic scenarios
Ideal to stir emotions, create acceptance and make your topics inspirational


Unique in style and animation

Your individual explainer video style, storyline and tonality
An explainer video perfectly tailored to your company

Interactive explainer video

Turns viewers into participants

The interactive explainer video combines the emotive appeal of our explainer videos with the incentivizing features of interaction. A variety of interaction options such as quiz questions, playful elements, forms or decision guides and gamification elements increase the knowledge acquisition of your target group.

Interactive explanatory film

Only 25 – 35 days until you get your explainer video – that’s a promise!

The project roll out: How your explainer video is produced

Speaker’s text

Before things get rolling, you will certainly have a few questions or requests – and we have to understand your goal. That’s why your consultant will be there from the word go – to listen and ask questions. And advise you throughout the whole process.

The briefing is all about your topic. Two conceptions specialists discuss your explanatory video with you, either over the phone, or face-to-face, and point out what’s important: Your goal. Your target group. What change you wish to bring about. After all, when it comes to your topic, you are the expert – we have an outsider’s perspective and are experts in identifying the essence of a topic and conveying all the information with the requisite didactic tools to make it simple and understandable. The briefing is the ideal basis for a successful production.

Starting right now, we see the world from the perspective of your target group: What is really necessary to understand a topic? And how can we pack it all into a story that really reaches your target group? Our conception specialists will burn the midnight oil until they have a snappy storyline – with a speaker’s text that perfectly encapsulates your topic.

When you have the storyboard in your hands, you’ll be in the know: you will see exactly what your explanatory video will look like. The storyboard shows you the illustrations we will use later in the explanatory video. A powerful and easy-to-understand picture language ensures that the images are fixed in your target group’s minds: this reinforces comprehension.

Animation, cut, sound design – in the final step, our motion designers bring your topic to life: The storyboard becomes an animated explanatory video with sound that enthralls and inspires.

„We were very impressed with the quality and professionalism of the youknow films. The ability of the youknow team to turn complex facts into a simple story received very good feedback from our customers. Keep up the good work. “

Torsten Goldbecker, Senior Marketing Manager, Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH

„Many thanks for your very swift and flexible cooperation. You managed to explain a complex project within 3 minutes in an entertaining and comprehensible manner . We are really satisfied with the result of the film!“

Nursen Acil, Senior Consultant, Allianz Managed Operations & Services SE

„The energy transition brought to life! We were able to use the explanatory films by youknow to illustrate the control levers of the energy transition in an entertaining way - and show what the companies in the Thüga group are doing to make sure the transition succeeds. The films are the result of pleasant and professional teamwork. “

Florian Amberg, Public Relations, AXA Konzern AG

„Our collaboration was really enjoyable: very nice, always open, reliable and flexible.“

Annette Hirsch, Marketing, Europäische Reiseversicherung AG

„We receive very good feedback on our film from all sides. The project management was precise and flawless. Once again, a big thank you goes to the whole team for a fantastic collaborative effort, real commitment and, above all, an outstanding result!“

Christine Weyrich, Project Manager and Regional Coordination, Siemens Stiftung

„We exceeded all previous click rates with the film in the first week. With the "youknow concept" we have obviously found exactly the right way to awaken interest and enthusiasm for our range of products and services. youknow played a significant role in this success. We would like to thank the whole team for its professional approach - a sequel is not out the question!“

Thomas Raupach, Manager Online Marketing, ThyssenKrupp AG

„We are really delighted with our explanatory film - just as you promised! We are able to rely on you completely, from formulating a concept together and deciding on the details of the text all the way to the actual filming. The fact that you questioned any changes and talked us out of some of them was particularly helpful, because you spoke from experience and made it sound plausible. “

Claudia Bernecker, Marketing Manager FlexLink Systems GmbH

„I always felt that I was in good hands with Ms Kammermeier and her team. It couldn't have gone any better on the part of youknow - I'm delighted!“

Frank Topp, Technical Training Consultant, RWE Power AG

„Once again, many thanks to the whole team! We are already looking forward to the follow-up projects.“

Bettina Schmidt, Director Corporate Communications, TECOSIM Venture AG

„Our collaboration with the team from youknow was very professional and refreshingly relaxed at the same time . The result is two very accomplished films that explain complex facts very simply. The outstanding project management was the icing on the cake in our partnership.“

Nico Kirch, Marketing & Kommunikation, DB Mobility Logistics AG

„youknow helps us to convey complex matters relating to products and services in an easy-to-understand way (to our customers and not least to our 3,000 field staff). The pared-down presentation is intrinsic to the concept and is already helping to limit consultation with departments to the essentials.“

Markus Kühner, Product Sales and Marketing Director, Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

„Our collaboration with youknow, and above all the result, made a great impression! It was fun working with such a professional team and we are already looking forward to possible follow-up projects.“

Christian Rasche, European Design Machine & Marketing Tool Manager, Coca Cola Europe

The three youknow promises

Didactic expertise

Our minimizing complexity and storytelling tools are based on cognition psychology findings and eleven years of experience in developing explanatory videos and e-learning solutions.

Planning reliability

100% planning reliability from the start: Transparent fixed prices, a binding project plan and one designated contact person ensure that you have full control and that content production is a walk in the park.


In everything we do, we invest not only know-how and a wealth of experience, but also passion, soul and dedication. And we’re proud to say, it pays off – 100% of our clients are satisfied, and 96% are even delighted with our working relationship!

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to provide for the production?

Your project is in the best possible hands with us: In preparation for your briefing, you fill out a form and send us information on your topic (e.g. brochures or presentations). Our conception specialists spend about an hour clarifying open issues with you at the briefing. Then the project manager draws up the project plan. And then we take over: We walk you through every step of the production process and send you the narrator text, the storyboard and the video for feedback and approval – professionally and on time.

What is the format of my video?

We generally deliver the videos as MPEG4 files. Do you need a different format? No problem – we can deliver your explanatory video in a format of your choice and in the resolution you require. With no extra charge!

What does “no branding” mean?

Our customers take the lead role in our films: “No branding” means that the youknow logo does not appear in the film at all. If you permit us to show our logo at the end of your explanatory video, we will give you an € 800 discount on the production price.

What do you want to achieve with your explainer video?

“Introducing a product, change process, company presentation or a new workflow – what do you want to explain? Let’s talk about it! We are happy to show you how we have solved similar challenges for other customers and together we can lay the foundation for the success of your project.”
Ulrike Ziegler, Account Manager

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