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How the baumann group inspires its retail partners with e-learning

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baumann group was founded in 1917 and consists of the three companies BAUFORMAT Küchen, burger Küchen and badea Badmöbel. With over 120 years of experience, the owner-managed family business is one of the most successful German kitchen furniture manufacturers and delivers over 600 individual quality kitchens "Made in Germany" to 60 countries every day.

The Challenge

Corona as an accelerator of digital transformation

The Corona pandemic has shaken up a lot of companies. Not everything was negative – the best example of this is the kitchen trade. For although many other industries suffered sales losses, demand from kitchen manufacturers increased during the pandemic: Lockdowns and travel bans led people to focus on beautifying their own four walls.

This presented the baumann group with a special challenge: As demand among customers increased, so did the demand for training among retail partners. However, face-to-face training was no longer possible from one day to the next. All training courses for the retail partners, which before 2020 were mainly held in person at three training centres and were organised by the baumann academy, therefore had to be transferred to the digital world as quickly as possible.

The baumann group shows how to set up a large and high-quality e-learning offer quickly and pragmatically with which external partners can be trained flexibly, even with limited personnel capacities.

The solution

Quickly create learning content even without prior knowledge

After the baumann group had introduced a learning management system (LMS) with the support of youknow to distribute learning content efficiently, the next step was to fill the platform with learning content. Producing e-learnings in addition to classroom training and online seminars is a challenge for the academy team. This is where knowtion, the smart authoring tool from youknow, comes into play. Within the academy, Lukas Benz, a trainer at baumann academy, is one of the main people responsible for creating digital training content for the retail partners. Although he is a new in using authoring tool, he manages to create entire training courses on his own within a very short time. Especially for totally new trainings, the guided setup in knowtion is a great advantage, which guides newcomers to content creation through the process from the beginning and supports them with context-sensitive tips. The assistance in defining learning objectives, for example, ensures that the quality of the training is consistently high and helps in reducing complexity.

"Particularly the different interactions like hotspots and also the different ways to test knowledge, such as multiple choice or drag-and-drop questions, allow me to create varied trainings," says Lukas Benz. This enables the academy team to offer trading partners the best of both worlds: Face-to-face training at the three training locations in Löhne, Burg and Burnley (UK) as well as a comprehensive online training offer. The latter has the advantage that the acquired knowledge can be repeated and tested again and again. This is how the baumann group promotes sustainable learning.

The trainings are very well accepted by the retail partners, as the courses provide them with important technical knowledge about the products and at the same time give them the necessary sales skills. Both are pre-requisites for inspiring end customers. In addition, acceptance is increased through various marketing measures, such as information on e-learning in regular newsletters as well as at seminars. In the future, participation in digital trainings is to be additionally increased by the fact that a face-to-face seminar is only considered to have been passed when the learners have completed the associated e-learning. This is a good example of blended learning – the mixture of face-to-face and online training.

„As someone who has never worked with authoring tools before, I really appreciated the guided setup in knowtion. Especially the support in formulating the learning objectives was valuable to create didactically high-quality trainings right from the start. In this way, we can give our retail partners valuable support on their way to becoming sales professionals, so that they can inspire customers with expertise and competence.“

Lukas Benz, Trainer baumann academy

And the story goes on

Internationalization and a growing team

knowtion enables the baumann academy team to provide a lot of learning content in a very short time. Therefore, an expansion of the training content for internal and external learners is planned for 2023. A fixed item on the program is the communication of new products. Furthermore, baumann academy will become even more international: in addition to the current German and English language learning system, French, Spanish & Portuguese are planned for the beginning of 2023. The success speaks for itself: from a small team of 3 people, the baumann academy has grown into a strong team with a total of 8 employees.


Easy entry for e-learning beginners

baumann group and the baumann academy team have shown that – with the right authoring tool – even as an e-learning beginner you can create high-quality content yourself quickly and without much effort.

knowtion rated as "Excellent"

Once a year, the eLearning Journal puts software for in-company training to the test in its "Practical Guide". In the 2022 edition, "knowtion" was put through its paces. The result: The smart authoring tool scored a sensational 91 out of 100 points and thus received the rating "Excellent". Read the detailed evaluation in the test report (in German):

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