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Our team of 80 specialists in didactics, design and e-learning in Munich, Dortmund and Zürich create explainer videos and e-learning solutions that inspire millions of people around the world – and make an impact.

Our conviction

Or: Why we get up in the morning

We firmly believe that especially in our digital age, the people in companies make the difference through their knowledge, skills, capabilities and personalities. Digital learning with youknow is designed to inspire and motivate people to grow and thrive. It enlightens, promotes acceptance of ideas and changes our views.

Munich, Dortmund, Zürich and wherever you are

80 youknow experts are eager to meet you.

We are headquartered in Munich, that’s where we’re at home. But because we also want to be close to our customers in Switzerland, we have offices there, too. And the youknow Software GmbH & Co. KG is located in Dortmund. Naturally we are happy to travel to wherever you are to get to know you.

The three youknow promises

Didactic expertise

Our minimizing complexity and storytelling tools are based on cognition psychology findings and eleven years of experience in developing explanatory videos and e-learning solutions.

Planning reliability

100% planning reliability from the start: Transparent fixed prices, a binding project plan and one designated contact person ensure that you have full control and that content production is a walk in the park.


In everything we do, we invest not only know-how and a wealth of experience, but also passion, soul and dedication. And we’re proud to say, it pays off – 100% of our clients are satisfied, and 96% are even delighted with our working relationship!

Our content inspires people

People around the world love what we do: Our YouTube channel is among the most successful German-speaking explainer video channels and our content inspires millions of learners around the world. 100% are satisfied and 96% are delighted with us.


million YouTube views





How it all began …

The youknow story – a little trip down memory lane

It began on the first day of school when we – Patrick and Friedl, the founders of youknow – met. Shortly after we finished school, we met Thomas von Festenberg and turned our passion – making films – into a career. In 2007, we founded Triple F GmbH, a film company that produced a broad range of product, company-image and cinema commercials. The breakthrough came when a customer, WÜRTH of nuts and bolts fame, wanted something explained in a film.

We looked for the best method for the job – the result was our first cutout explainer video (to date our handmade explainer video) WÜRTH was sold on it. Then it took off: We had a specific product that solved problems for many companies. Suddenly the phone rang off the hook and it became clear: Explaining was the new focus – and Triple F became explain it GmbH. New products quickly joined the cutouts from those early days, and we ventured into new markets.

In the meantime, as youknow, we systematically transfer the outstanding features of our explainer films to e-learning. The result: Short, vivid micro-content that’s entertaining, inspirational and makes an impact. In 2020, the next important milestone for us came: Through the merger with the e-learning software specialist Link+Link Software GmbH & Co. KG, we have been acting as a full-service provider for digital learning ever since, offering everything from consulting and software technologies to content. And – by the way – together with the two companies we have 40 years of market experience!

For us, the product was important, but equally important was building up a team of great people who are fun to work with and so, in 2011, we grew from 8 to ten, then 20 and now there are 80 youknow experts. And we expanded – now we have offices in Switzerland, too.

Many years have come and gone since our school days; we have learned a lot, especially outside school: We learned that if you follow your passion, are brave, and enjoy what you do, you will find that your enthusiasm spreads and inspires others. And that’s why our mission today is crystal clear: We want what we do to inspire and motivate people to grow and broaden their horizons, because we believe that people make all the difference.

Our team

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