Culture eats strategy for breakfast

It all started with a hobby. We established youknow in 2007 driven by a passion – one that can be felt to this day: We are convinced that having happy coworkers who enjoy their jobs is just as important as economic success – this concept forms the foundation of our corporate culture. And only a strong culture will provide the fuel that allows a strategy to grow.

Our values


Each and every one of us makes a difference – and our service is only as good as the people behind it. This is why personality, along with professional know-how, is the key to success. We are a team of diverse, strong personalities and we strive to create an environment where every individual can grow both personally and professionally. Here at youknow, each of us has the ability to help shape the company’s development, has freedom to create and make decisions, and has a great deal of personal responsibility.


Having work that is enjoyable and the personal satisfaction of the team are just as important for us as economic success. This happens when everyone is able to fully utilize his or her potential and feels appreciated. Our kununu ratings show that our team enjoys coming to work: 4.4 out of 5 stars speaks for itself.

Top performance

The best people learn something new every day. We expect top performance from each and every one of us – that means we are only satisfied when we know that it couldn’t be any better, and we are always scrutinizing what we do. Our top performance is reaffirmed by our customers each day – 100% of our clients are satisfied, and 96% even say they are exuberant about our working relationship.


We communicate openly and keep our promises – in customer projects, in our corporate development and in our interactions. We give our environment genuine insights into our work and maintain an open feedback culture both internally and externally. How specifically do we promote transparency? With our interdepartmental Feedback Cafés, insight into business development and regular development meetings, for example.

Team spirit

We are connected by more than just a shared office:

  • The annual Team Day, where we look back at the past year together and look ahead to next year’s strategic objectives.
  • Department workshops and events: For two days a year, our desks sit untouched – that’s when our team is gaining skills through professional training and growing closer together as a team. And of course there are a variety of department events, from an evening out together for beer to excursions in Munich.
  • Interdepartmental Feedback Cafés, where we practice giving and receiving feedback as a group.
  • Shared enjoyment Whether it’s a soccer game on Wednesday, an evening jog or a spontaneous visit to the museum – you are sure to find an enthusiastic companion here for your hobby.
  • The youknow culture of celebration: The rooftop terrace opening, summer party, Oktoberfest, Christmas party – after all, our shared accomplishments should be celebrated together, too!

A look behind the scenes:

Customer event 2018

Under the slogan "Generation Goldfish", everything revolved around the question of how to bait target groups with micro-content. Our customers were delighted – and so were we.

10 year anniversary party

Of course, this had to be celebrated properly! We spent a great evening at the crystal hut – and look forward to the next 10 years of youknow.

Customer event 2017

The slogan of our customer event 2017: "Reduce complexity, inspire target groups." The best impressions can be found here.

More than just a job

Creative people need the right environment and they must enjoy their work. We have both:

Overlooking the roofs of Munich …

we can give our work our best. And that’s not all: We have barbecues on our roof-top terrace and spend many summer evenings together.

Hungry for knowledge …

that goes without saying. But sometimes we’re just plain hungry! And then we relish the lunch freshly cooked by our Italian chef Sandro.

Faster, higher, further ….

this is our motto when ambition for sporting activities seizes us. Then we join the annual Spartan Race, the evening run or a session in the fitness studio.

Defusing the adrenaline rush

happens in the creative space – after a game of foosball or a duel at the console, we’re able to be a little more relaxed about things than before.

Thinking outside the box ….

is what we do once a month at our “Lunch & Learn” sessions. Astrophysicists, forensic psychiatrists or meteorologists broaden our views – we learn what drives others while we eat.