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With around 120 independent pharmacies and a total of 1,800 employees, TopPharm Apotheken und Drogerien Genossenschaft is the largest independent pharmacy group in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. TopPharm pharmacies focus on providing their customers with holistic, personal and competent health advice. The company is an alternative to pharmacy chains in the growing healthcare market – a group that focuses on quality, transparency, fairness and innovation that strengthens the profession of independent pharmacists in the long term. The office in Münchenstein with around 40 employees is responsible for operational management of the TopPharm cooperative. Find out more about TopPharm here.

The challenge

Better usability and more flexibility

TopPharm was looking for a new learning management system to replace its previous learning platform. The platform used at the time wasn’t intuitive to use for administrators or users, and customizations were either impossible or only with great deal of effort. The solution used at the time was not sufficiently adaptable to the unique organizational structures of a cooperative. These were the reasons why TopPharm decided to introduce a new learning management system that would streamline current processes, open up new possibilities and was more user-friendly.

The solution

A customized LMS

youknow created a custom LMS for TopPharm that met the outlined requirements. The LMS enables TopPharm to offer digital trainings as well as face-to-face seminars – all in an easy and intuitive way. Participant management is also very easy. Users can access all learning content via a course catalog. Each user’s individual training history is stored. The user themselves, the responsible employees at the respective pharmacy and the system administrators at the TopPharm head office can review this history.

Homepage of LMS

Course catalog in the LMS

Learning module on blood circulation

Learning module on headaches

Learning module on the respiratory system

TopPharm currently connects the webinar software ClickMeeting with the LMS. That means that in future, when someone creates a webinar in the LMS, a new webinar will automatically be created in the webinar software. The attendants’ registration information will also be automatically recorded in both systems and the webinar software will send out automated invitations. Participants will receive a certificate after the webinar that confirms their successful participation. Participants can also access the webinar recording in the LMS. Thanks to this integration TopPharm can save a lot of time and effort and increase the productivity significantly.

LMS Target group

The LMS is designed for various target groups. First, employees of TopPharm headquarters use it for administrative tasks. The second target group is pharmacies and their employees who belong to the TopPharm cooperative. Depending on the target group, certain permissions can be defined in the system and suitable courses can be distributed. A total of around 4,500 learners use the TopPharm LMS, and over 800 seminars and learning units have already been created.

Target group

4,500 learners: Employees of the TopPharm headquarters, pharmacies

Software solutions

LMS, authoring tool

Feedback and goal achievement

„Managing e-learning units and seminars has become easier and more self-explanatory with the LMS. This has enabled us to significantly increase our productivity. Besides, we can now implement additional training formats, e.g. break-out Sessions and online feedback forms. And at the same time, we also have the option of creating our own digital learning content and sharing it within the right group.“

Larissa Herzog, Training and Event Manager, TopPharm Apotheken und Drogerien Genossenschaft

Other features such as comprehensive reporting and automated forms for participant lists, name labels, etc. increase efficiency.

Those responsible in the pharmacies now have an overview of the training needs of individual pharmacy employees and can directly register them for specific training courses. This makes it possible to respond to the specific needs of individual employees. The pharmacists’ training points can also be viewed at any time.

Last but not least, the new LMS also brings benefits for learners. Registering for seminars and online trainings is easy and intuitive. An overview of one’s own training history and a bonus system with attractive rewards boost motivation, whet the appetite for learning, and increase learning success.

TopPharm creates content itself: With the authoring tool from youknow

During the course of the project, TopPharm also decided to introduce the Authoring tool from youknow. Until now, the TopPharm cooperative commissioned external service providers to create digital learning content, which also worked with the youknow authoring tool. With the authoring tool, TopPharm can now independently upgrade all existing courses and create new trainings themselves. Thus, the cooperative illustrates the entire training process internally and operates much more cost-oriented and faster.

TopAcademy is constantly being optimized and further developed. For example, further content types for digital trainings are planned along with the development of a native app for Android and iOS.

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