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Micro, mobile, video – this is how learning works today!

Whether learning nuggets, interactive explainer video, recap or a complete learning journey – we create individual, target-group oriented e-learning content that inspires. Our learning content can be flexibly integrated into the daily work routine – and it sticks in people’s minds thanks to its powerful didactic impact.

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Drawing on experience from over 5,000 projects and our expertise in didactics, simplifying complexity and storytelling, we inspire learners across the globe and set the scene for your learning content. From product training to software courses through to regulatory classes – we package every topic into attractive learning content. Among our more than 700 customers are companies of every size and from the most diverse industries.

Content that inspires

Our micro-learning solutions are the best way to learn.

Short and powerful

Small learning bites diminish the forgetting curve and improve the learning effect.

On-demand learning

Anywhere, any time: Our learning content works on all devices and fits perfectly into the daily work routine.

Reinforcing memory with stories

We rely on storytelling. Because stories evoke emotions and are proven vehicles for promoting acceptance and receptiveness – and remain fresh in people’s long-term memories.

It’s all about the mix

We develop didactically meaningful learning journeys by combining several learning units and formats. Their modular structure allows our learning nuggets to be easily integrated into your existing e-learning landscape.

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Our learning content

Interactive explainer video

Turns viewers into participants

Approx. 5 minutes learning time
Film with up to 3 interactions
Starting at € 8,000
(plus VAT)


The multimedia learning experience

5–20 minutes learning time
Combination of video, multimedia content and up to 5 interactions
Starting at € 9,000
(plus VAT)

360 experience

Turning learning into a journey of discovery

Approx. 5 minutes learning time
Learning in a virtual space in the form of a 360° image or 360° explainer video
Price upon request

Learning journeys: It’s all in the right mix

We produce individual learning journeys that are tailored for you and consist of different, successive or connected learning units – ideal for presenting complex topics in appetizing bites. From on-site courses to explainer videos and learning nuggets through to the QuizApp – we are convinced: It is the right combination of methods and formats that makes the difference and produces sustained learning results.

Whether it’s technical or non-technical training, process or product training, compliance or data protection topics – we develop learning journeys that are a perfect match for your content, your target group and your objectives.

More about learning journeys

The three youknow promises

Didactic expertise

Our minimizing complexity and storytelling tools are based on cognition psychology findings and eleven years of experience in developing explanatory videos and e-learning solutions.

Planning reliability

100% planning reliability from the start: Transparent fixed prices, a binding project plan and one designated contact person ensure that you have full control and that content production is a walk in the park.


In everything we do, we invest not only know-how and a wealth of experience, but also passion, soul and dedication. And we’re proud to say, it pays off – 100% of our clients are satisfied, and 96% are even delighted with our working relationship!

How T-Mobile Austria inspires staff and customers with interactions

Case study

Catch me if you can!

“Why do we ask students to catch a LTE figure and tell stories about the doorman who is blocking the way to long-term memory? Because we awaken emotions with the help of gamification, personification and storytelling – and turn learning into a real experience.”
Susanne Heindl, conception specialist

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